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AppleWisdom strongly believes continued support is crucial and necessary to keep our clients’ infrastructures current, compliant, and secure.

Support Contracts

Custom Solutions

Tailored for your business and budget, our IT support contracts are developed together with you to address your individual IT needs.

Our contracts are for organizations that prefer an on-going comprehensive support solution. This is an annual agreement that can be modified as needs change. You have the option to configure your plan based on your organization’s current needs and the level of support your company may require.

Pricing is contingent on the number of workstations, complexity of the infastructure, servers and security needs in the organization. The minimum charge for any support agreement is $200.00 per month.


Every Contract Includes

Help Desk

We use a professional support ticketing system to help our clients using a personalized Help Desk. This allows us to track, prioritize and solve customer support interactions and provide automatic thread archiving.

Enterprise Backups

Enterprise-grade data loss protection for all our business clients. A cloud-based storage solution with 448-bit encryption and authenticated user decryption assuring greater levels of security and compliancy.

Server Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring Software enables us to find problems before they occur. With built-in detection of 100+ issues, we can take direct, preemptive action prior to any data loss or unplanned downtime.


Customized Services

Enterprise Backups

Backing up has become a necessary and standard protocol in keeping one’s digital assets intact. Not only is onsite backup crucial, but online backup is equally, if not more, important in case of catastrophic loss. This is why we have partnered with CrashPlan PROe–an enterprise cloud-based storage provider–to help our customers implement a simple and intuitive backup solution.

We not only configure, deploy, and manage all your critical data but restore it as well. You have full secure access to all your files from anywhere using any PC, Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

Cloud Management

We aid our business clients in choosing, designing and building cloud-based infrastructures to help leverage the cost of maintaining complex software and hardware components.


We start with a site assessment to determine the foundational infrastructural needs of every client. With security in mind, we make recommendations on the best methodologies for that organization’s. needs; this may include:

Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Cabling, Wireless APs, SSIDs, Access Controls, NAT, DHCP, VLANs, Client VPN, Site-to-Site VPN, Security and Content Filtering, RADIUS Implementation, LAN and WAN Parameters, Bluetooth, Airplay, Airdrop, Airprint.

Apple DEP

We assist our business clients in setting up an Apple business account. Through this portal you can automate device deployment, purchase and distribute content.

The Apple Business Manager provides your company control over the enrollment of devices, distribution of apps and media licenses. From this ABM businesses can purchase app licenses directly from Apple.

The ABM works seamlessly with any mobile device management (MDM) solution.

Custom Apple Stores

We help our clients with the process of establishing their own Custom Apple Store thus allowing them to purchase Apple and related products from their own web portal.

Businesses will then be able to search for poducts, recieve quotes directly from Apple, use Promo Codes, Track shipments, download invoices for inventory management.

We help leverage your Apple Business Manager account by syncing orders directly from your Custon Apple Store.

MDM Solutions

We work with multiple MDM vedors to help manage and maintain your devices. We have currently partnered with Mosyle- a Prefered Apple partner.

Mosyle integrates seamlessly with Apple Business Manager to provide additional control over enrollment of devices, distribute of apps, applications and media. 

With automated Enrollment, Mosyle simplifies initial setup, provisioning, and management of newly purchased devices as well as devices that have been wiped including iPads and iPhones, Mac computers, and Apple TVs.

Mosyle provides the most flexible and best-in-class mobile device management (MDM) solutions for Apple deployments of any size, complexity and industry. 

Monitoring Services

AppleWisdom has partnered with a comprehensive end-point monitoring software provider to find problems before they happen.

With built-in detection of over 100 issues, users are empowered to take direct, preemptive, action to cure problems prior to any data loss or unplanned downtime. 

The Monitoring agent checks the software to make sure it’s operating correctly and will report critical information such as availability, utilization, license expirations, proper backup functionality, and more.


Security & Compliancy

Security is no longer an option for most organizations but a critical element that needs to be incorportated in all facets of a business’ infrastructure.

We help incorparate physical as well as non-physical security protcols to help maintain a safe, reliable and secure environment for all our business clients.


Applewisdom has been a long-time Cisco Certified Partner and reseller for Cisco-Meraki products to help procure enterprise network hardware and security management to our clients.

The ability to manage wireless access points, routers, switches and mobile device management from from a single pane of glass helps us control and maintain our clients infrastructure.

Cisco-Meraki’s comprehensive set of solutions include wireless access points, switching, security, endpoint management, security cameras, and intelligent network insights, all managed froma single pane of glass. This provides us the tools to control and maintain our clients infrastructure.

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